Hi, I’m Barbara Iachini

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

I educate, inspire, and empower people to use the principles of Functional Medicine to reclaim wellness and live beyond their diagnoses.

When I was was in my late 20’s, I found myself incapacitated by an illness that my doctors really didn’t understand. After endless hours of reading scientific research and experimenting with a considerable number of diet and lifestyle changes, I did eventually figure out how to minimize my disabilities and live well despite my limitations. This process was arduous and exhausting, and definitely something no one should ever have to do alone.

I now dedicate my life’s work to making sure that those who need help figuring out how to change their lives have someone else to help them. Whether your health problems are large or small, I can break them down into manageable pieces and help you come up with creative solutions that work for your life.

My Education and Training

✩ Bachelor of Science in Biology – Florida State University
✩ Master of Arts in Health and Wellness Coaching – Maryland University of Integrative Health
✩ Certified IIN Health Coach – Institute for Integrative Nutrition
✩ Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner – School of Applied Functional Medicine Scientific Review Board

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