Coaching with a Partner

Getting well is easier if you have the support of a like-minded friend or loved one. Let’s collaborate!

In this package, you will get:

  1. Free 30 minute discovery to call to get to know each other and determine if we are a good fit for one another.
  2. A 75 minute initial individual consultation for each member of the partnership (two appointments total). You can individually share with me a detailed health history and any lab work you would like me to review. I’ll go over this information with you and we will search for clues that point to the root causes of your health concerns. This appointment will not include any recommendations. You will receive detailed follow-up notes about what we have discovered.
  3. 75 minute biweekly meetings for a minimum of three months (although it may take longer depending on your individual goals). During these meetings we will talk about your wins, discover what you need, and create action steps together. In follow-up meetings we will revisit the action steps and either move forward or revise them so that you can be successful. You will receive detailed follow-up notes after every session.
  4. Included Benefits: 
    • Access to discounted dietary supplements should you choose to use them.
    • Discounts on workshops and classes in addition to your individualized program.